2012 EP Reviewed by Orange Karma Records / CredibleMusicReviews.com

Sink To See

Release Date: October 27, 2009

Album: 2012 EP

By: Jonathan Borozzi

Review: Sink To See’s new six song EP is a refreshing display of progression from the L.A. based So. Cal rock outfit. A longtime MTV synchronization favorite, Sink To See’s ”2012″ offers more of the atmopsheric rock sound the band is now known for. Every Little Thing is a great example of the band’s signature sound that should appease existing fans who may have took to the band on songs like Shine On and Speakers. A music video was released for the EP’s title song 2012, which is another characteristic song with a heavy bass line that explodes into a barage of guitar and melodic vocals. Check out Hangman with a different, almost southern rock influence and the acoustic inspired Death Of A Love. Overall, “2012″ is the latest success among a stream of other accomplishments by the still fully independent Sink To See. Check the band out on MySpace, where you can stream the EP or pick up a copy for yourself on iTunes.



~ by sinktosee on October 30, 2009.

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